Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Like a "Bangkai Hidup"..

I can't sleep..so i decided to write something in my post..Now i feel like a "bangkai hidup".. no GOAL, no DREAMS, no....nothing! It is like>> i'm following the flow..Going somewhere..that i didn't really know and let others decide it for me..i feel so blur( in the other words, blank! empty! and zero!)..kenapa tu aaa??

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Wish List..

~Christmas is coming...and i believe most of us are busy with the preparation of the coming christmas..~

What is your wish list on this coming christmas?? i've been thought about these and took for a certain time what i wanted and wishes to have for this coming christmas. so...so many things in mind..new looks, new cloth, shoe,books..etc..

The youth community from our church was organizing an ex-changing gift on this 25th Dec..so each of us was given a piece of paper and was asked to write 3 wish list that we wanted as a gift.. And i've wish these gifts :

1. A motivation or christianity book
At first,I feel so excited for my wish list but then suddenly a friend of mine told me something..she say..
"Sharon, ko tau..si ^^^^ punya wish list..dia bilang dia mau..
3.Buku-buku Doa
sebagai wish list dia..Saya ada juga suru dia wish lain, like seluar ka..baju ka..tapi dia tidak mau..."
I'm touched with it...It was a simple wishes but it make me realize something..i forget that there are something that is much and more valuable compare than what i had wishes.. May God bless him that had open my eyes again...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Is this the real me?...

I feel so empty and like..something is not complete..Lately i am so damn busy with my job until one day i realize, i forget to spend the 24 hours that God had gave to me to my own self. I miss the time when i spent my time to the public library reading books the whole day alone..or spend few hours in the bookstore(even i am not planning to buy a book)..buying cloth=shopping.. hang out with my buddies..(i miss them!)..and of course, i want to feel the 'love' again..

it's hard for me to describe these feelings inside me..i just can't explain..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's going on??

huh....i'm waiting this person since morning...it has been few hours already i'm waiting here...(i mean in the cc) adui...i hate waiting!! Manalah ni urang ni still not show up...mau denda dia nie... sudahlah i sacrifice my time for him today..he seems like not to appreciate it...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just an ordinary day

Hello again my dear readers...

i'm just having my lunch . And suddenlly i feel to blog.. so taadaa..!! here i am... hehe... Have a blessed wednesday everyone...

Friday, September 4, 2009


Hello my dear readers....i miss to blog...huhu...but sad to say, i don't know what to write.. i mean, what should i post..

it has been a month working in 'these' company.. actually i like my new job. The environment is good...and i meet few new friends which can be trusted to. I feel blessed to know and meet them..:)
But this doesn't mean that i had forgotten my old friends.. actually i miss them so much.. but because of our time limitation, we are not able to meet each other..wish that i can meet and hangout with them again like last time...miss u guys!!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Have a nice day everyone..Huhu~...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When everythings are not ok...

yup...when everythings are not ok, just pretend ok...right??..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Today is Tuesday..
Today is the day I feel unwell..
Today is Raining..
Today I feel Empty..
Today I have no work to do (eventhough i'm in the office!)
Today i am nothing..
Gee...what the crap i've been writing...(i'm bored bah tis...dunno what to do)

On Risking

To laugh is to risk appearing the fool.
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out for another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk exposing our true self.
To place your ideas, your dreams, before the crowd is to risk loss.
To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To live is to risk dying.
To hope is to risk despair.
To try at all is to risk failure.
But to risk, we must, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
The Man, the Woman who risks nothing does nothing -- has nothing -- is nothing.

Author Unknown
Submitted by ARareJewelNLA

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Under Construction...

Sorry guys...my blog is under construction now...
Wait for my new layout okay...:)

~have a nice day~

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The wedding

This is my story for today…On the 6th of June my company has this big event - we have been responsible in organizing our client wedding in the Mamutik Island. It was awsome!! (mcm sy pun mau khwin ni....hehehehe)

p/s: so sorry it is not in the right order...:)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dive Sipadan Island

“My wife said she’ll leave me
if I go diving one more time..
I’m sure going to miss her”


hehe.. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reading Time!!

Yeppey..i just love books..Actually I’ve just finished reading these books: The 6 Important Decisions the Teen Make by Sean Covey. I think it is useful for us especially for the teen and the parents. The content is simple to be read and understand and what I like the most is that the way the author presents the book to the readers. Where he had included some cartoons, words of encouragement, true story from teenagers, etc.. for every one chapter. I suggest you to find and take a look for yourself ..

And now I am searching for this book- Eat, Pray and Love. Anyone who have read it, let me know how was it about okay..

Is beautiful = to slim??

I suddenly thought about this matter when I met this one girl-my clique. Just when noon time where all the people are taking their lunch, this girl only eating some biscuit and a cup of hot drink. (and surprisingly, she ate like that everyday!)When I ask her why, she said that she still feel full. (oh, okay..) But I think she is lying. She seems like she is on her diet..strict diet..(gosh..) ß mcm sy ja nie…haha..but my reason not because of dieting ..it is because of I want to save some money…hehe

Some of us will have this mind-set where beautiful is equal to slim or in the other words, thin, or not over weighted. So as the circumstances, all the girls are trying to have a slim body because they believe that with having that, people will like at them (especially the guys..). Is that true??

I like today’s Sermon(17.05.09)

Today’s sermon is about love and forgiveness and also about the Holy Spirit. I like the way he (FR.Jalius) present his sermon today because he give me the big and clear picture about the matter that he is talking about. He also had shared his own experience about the Holy Spirit. He said that everything that had happen to him is not happen because of coincidence.. Hmm…it’s quite difficult to explain and sometimes to believe about this until you’ve experience and discover the Holy Spirit by yourself. I do believe for I had experience it before.. “it was not you but the holy spirit had work inside you..” he says. And “each one of us have our own holy spirit.” Then, I suddenly remember this word-THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS INSIDE YOU..

O ya..about love and forgiveness..(p/s: I’ll comment about it later…k..)

Kanadaru Harvest Festival

The Kanadaru (our village name) harvest festival has been conducted on the 10th of May 2009. Overall, the event was enjoyable. Almost my entire family member was involving with this festival. My responsibility is as a food ajk’s and my brother became the driver for my lil’ sis( bring her to saloon kan..but he sempat escape to dating lagitu..hehe).My mum and my lil’ sis are one of the most important person who had made the event became more meaningful..hehe Why I say so?.. This is because my mum had won for the cooking- the traditional food of KadazanDusun whilst my sis have been awarded as the 2nd Unduk Ngadau for year 2009. Cool kan?.. Below are some of the pictures have been token on that day…We all ended our day with full of tiredness…:)

It was your 9th anniversary dad..

11th May 2000 will be always on our heart dad..That is the day when you left us forever.. May you rest in peace and please remember that you will always be my best father that I never had. Love and Miss you so much dad..

Teacher’s Day

I think, it is not too late for me to wish to all the teacher's, HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY! Especially dedicated to all my teachers from I was first learn and know what is school all about until now..

My Kindergarten teacher..
Cikgu Monica
My Primary teacher..
Cikgu Doreen, Cikgu Hussein, Cikgu Sulaiman, Cikgu Suria, Cikgu Irwan, arwah Cikgu Fauziah, Cikgu Syarifah..

My Secondary teacher..
Cikgu Cyril, Cikgu Norsaliza, Cikgu 'S',Cikgu Hasalinda

My Matriculation teacher..
Miss Anita

My University teacher..
Mdm Adelina, Mdm Betcy, Mdm Roslida, Prof Wan Nasrudin, Mdm Norizan, Miss Del..

THANK YOU SO MUCH my dear teacher..!

Outside my Comfort Zone

Prior the day(15.05.09)

Hello again my dear readers… :) At last I’ve decided to take another step ahead to sing (the Alleluia song) for my church on this coming Sunday mass. Before this I’ve rejected the call with so many reasons because I feel that I am not competent and not ready yet. Last night was my first time practice and sing in front of the crowd. And I felt so ‘nice’, ‘welcomed’, ‘enjoy’ and ‘motivated’. Even though it is just a short song, but it is not that easy you know.. ‘Sing from your heart and surely it (the voice) will flow naturally” –thank you to aunty Sula for the fantastic advice…

Well, pray for me so that I can sing naturally from my heart that day okay…hehe..

After the Mass(17.05.09)
Huhh! At last the nervous is over! I’ve made it..i mean for the 1st time of my life I sing the Alleluia song for the mass..another history of my life written today.. :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Awww.....my tooth!

what a day...my tooth is sooo ache!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Test Anxiety

huhu~tomorrow is my test FAR350...adui..stress wo..stress because malas belajar..lepas tu, banyak sangat mau di baca and di hafal..why should we have those test and exzam??! tekanan nie..i don't know what to do...but at last tersangkut here blogging..

Monday, April 13, 2009

Something Weird

Hola all!!...Just want to share these pictures to make you smile...hehe..

Thursday, March 26, 2009


You know what?? actually i've heard several times my clique say this word-->KIASU. And they mark me as 'kiasu person'. At first, i just ignored it but then one day i suddenly feel unconfortable and curious to know what is the word mean. So now i know.. :( I FEEL SO BAD TO KNOW THIS.. huh..

Got this meaning from Wikipedia:

Kiasu is a Hokkien (a Chinese spoken variant) word that literally means 'fear of losing'. However its actual usage would imply a meaning more approaching that of "dog in a manger", and yet not quite. Examples of kiasu behaviour includes accumulating too much food on one's plate during a buffet lunch in case there is no more later, or joining a queue many days in advance just to ensure that one successfully gets hold of the limited free tickets to events, promotions and shows such as Singapore's annual National Day Parade.

This word is so widely used by Singaporeans and Malaysians that it is incorporated into their English vocabulary (in the form of Singlish). It is often used in describing the social attitudes of people, especially about South East Asian society and its values. Its widespread use is often because these attitudes are common—to not lose out in a highly competitive society (e.g. by above-cited examples), or to the extent of parents imposing heavy study labour on their children in their wish to make them at the very top of all other students. Growing up with this attitude, these students often become ambitious businesspeople, with the desire to be on top in wealth and prestige regardless of whether the most prestigious careers are aligned with their true capabilities.

It is often perceived as part of Ah Beng culture. The comic series Mr Kiasu depicts many examples of kiasu behaviour.

Earth Hour

Lets support the EARTH HOUR 2009

by...turning our light for an hour..

this Saturday, 8.30 pm..

Monday, March 23, 2009


It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.
I do agree with the above quote..It is easier to forgive your enemy rather than your own friend.. Maybe because you are directly expose yourself to them, and they can hurt you so much.
Based from my experience, i have through so much difficulties because of myself-i don't want to learn to forgive the one who hurt me and also to my own self. As the circumstances, i became a quite and shy girl and have less friend and cannot accept any critism from anyone(sensitive).
At my teen time i have a BF and unfortunately our relationship do not as smooth as i hope for. We broke our relationship and at that time, i've create a new feeling towards him-i swore to myself, i will never forgive him. I bring the unforgiveness feeling for several years. Until, when this one day, i've met him again-on the messenger. We chat like we are friends and suddenly i realize that i've misunderstood towards him and he seems had forgave me as he said-"ah..cerita lama jangan di kenang".. Then, from that moment on, i felt so good because there is no burden anymore..and i feel free!
Now, there is no hatred i feel towards him. And, i would like to give my apology to him for what had happen. I am sorry.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Something to think of..

You asked God to take away your habit
God said, No! It is not for me to take away,
but for you to give up..
You asked God to make you patient
God said, No! Patience is a product of triblation,
it isn't granted, it is learned..
You asked God to give your happinest
God said, No! I give you blessings, happinest is
up to you..
You asked God to spare your pain
God said, No! Suffering drows you from worldly cares and
bring you closer to me..
You asked God to make your spirit grow
God said, No! You must grow on your own!
But I will prune you to make you faithful..
You asked God for all the things that you might enjoy
God said, No! I will give you life, so that you might enjoy
all things..
You asked God to help you love others as much
as He loves you.. God said,
Finally, you have the idea!..(n-n)
p/s:i got this from my lil' sis magazine..nice one..hehe

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lent Talk

Hi dear readers..

I want to share something about the talk(Lent Talk) which has been presented by Rev. Fr. Peter Abas justnow..There are many things that he have shared but these are some of it which i think is merely important..

As we all know(hmm..maybe not all of us know..maybe know but don't understand) Lent means it is time for us to start fasting. Fasting here is not only mean fasting on what we eat but it is also on what we behave, what we do, how we speak, how we live, what we think, etc.. in short, it is like we control our body and mind to do the good things not only for the good of ourself but also to the other people and especially to God..(p/s: this is only my opinion, there is no wrong or right okay..)

From the talk,

Fasting means we control what we eat, ( mean: stop eating before you feel full, fasting not to eat meat every Friday, etc..) , control the bad behaviour or our kebiasaan~the negative thing(Fr. said, kasi kurang...not totally stop..because not all people can stop immiedietly from doing that mah..kan..)

Fasting also means we beramal..Beramal here is not simply means we make donations in terms of monetary thing but it is actually more than that..as for example, we helps the needy, we spend some time to clean the church, we spend some time to the needy

There's an interesting story that Fr. Peter have shared tonight.. it is about an old lady who give him (Fr.Peter) an orange. And she(the old lady) ask him to sit and eat the orange together with her. And..suddenly that old lady say this to him.. "Fr., thank you because taking some of your time to eat together with me".. ~from here, moral of the story that we should learn is, to give some of our time to the people around us..

Another example is like this: let say, one of your family member is sick and she/he is in the hospital..kebiasaan yang kita buat, we'll bring fruits, flowers to give the sick person when we come to visit. But, actually all of that stuff is not really important..(because if ikut logik pun, bukan the sick person dapat makan smua pun..) what is more important is we come there and we spend some of our time with the sick person.. it is much more appreciated compare to all the other thing..(as from my experience, i'm really touched and like i want to cry when my friends took some of their time to come to visit me eventhough on that time they are really busy in preparing themselves for the final examination..)

Fasting also means~not to misuse the technology that we have(for example, use the handphone to spread the negative thing-picture yg tidak senonoh, etc...)

Finally, as for me, fasting is actually a good time for me to learn the meaning of being passion in everything i do, to become more closer to God, bersifat sederhana , and learn to love others unconditionally, to forgive people purely and also to ease the luka-luka batin yang kita alami..

God Bless all of you..Thanks for reading..

Saturday, February 28, 2009

What If..

What if I die tomorrow?
What if the dead lives again?
What if I become a guy?
What if I have the pure heart?
What if I climb the Everest?

What if I kill people?
What if I am blind?
What if I have no one?
What if I’ll never cry?
What if I’ll be left alone?

What if I never achieve my goal?
What if I fail in my life?
What if I am a handicapped?
What if no one loves me?
What if I am unsound mind?

What if I can predict the future?
What if I’m not going to heaven?
What if I can turn back the time?
What if there will be no death?
What if there will be no divorce?

What if there will be no sex?
What if all the man kind being the same?..

I feel Hurt


This evening I keep on thinking ,what i should post in this blog. Then my mind suddenly pop up to this matter.. But before i further to this matter, i want to remind to all readers, i just want to share it here and i have no intention to hurt anyone feelings..

Honestly to say, i really love her. But i don't know how to show these to her. I know she loves me too. But maybe, she afraid and shy to show it to me, and mum too.. She is young, beautiful.. I know that. That is why mum and i too worried about her. I hate to say this, i hate her boyfriend very much. I don't know why..it is just my bad instinct when i first meet him. I really hope he is not her life partner..

My lil' sister, how i hope that you will listen and understand what we are trying to say to you??.. but you are so stuborn..and now, i really don't know what to do..mau di marah, kena marah balik...mau diam, pun susah juga...entahlah...huhh...

All my sins, I now detest them..Never will I sin again..

God of Mercy and Compassion
God of mercy and compassion,
look with pity upon me,
Father, letme call Thee Father,
'Tis Thy child returns to Thee
++ Jesus, Lord, I ask for mercy;
Let me not implore in vain;
All my sins, I now detest them,
Never will I sin again.
By my sins I have deserved
Death and endless misery,
Hell with all its pains and torments
And for all eternity.++
By my sins I have abandoned
Right and claim to heav'n above
Where the saints rejoice forever
in a boundless sea of love.++
See our Saviour, bleeding, dying,
On the cross of Calvary;
To that cross my sins have nail'd Him
Yet He bleeds and dies for me.++

Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday sweet 18 to you, my beloved lil' sister..
Though you may be not realize..
How me, mum and your two big brothers are really care and love you..
you seems too busy with your boyfriend,friends, your sister angkat & abang angkat..
and..you.. hurt us...
you are grown up now my dear sister..
and i'm still worried about you..
eventhough you think that you can decide by your own now..
but still...you are still my little sister, you know..
i may be not as beautiful, as cool, as smart as you are hoping to have for a big sister ..
and i know, you even never want to share your dreams and your girly secret to me..
but still..i'm still love you..
i wish you all the best for your future undertakings..
may Lord always give you His blessings, His love, His protection for you...
lil' sister,
Happy Birthday...
we love you!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Suddenly thought about this..

This few days i feel so weak...suddenly all my 'sakit' keluar.. Like i feel i'm near to death ni.. I don't know why.. So, i would like to say i love you to my mum, brothers and sister, friends..before it is too late..Thanks for everything..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Suratan atau Kebetulan?

Sesuatu yang tak disangka
seringkali mendatangi kita
itukah suratan dalam kehidupan
atau sekadar satu kebetulan

Kita asyik membicarakan
persoalan hidup dan pilihan
serta kejujuran semakin berkurang
masih tiada bertemu jawapan

Walau kita dihadapkan
dengan pelbagai pilihan
mengapa sering terjadi
pilihan tak menepati
Hingga amat menakutkan
menghadapi masa depan
seolah telah terhapus
sebuah kehidupan yang kudus

Pertemuan sekali ini
bagi diri ku amat bererti
tetapi ku bimbang untuk menyatakan
bimbangkan berulang kesilapan

~I suddenly thought about him today..I just wish, I will never meet him again. As like the lyric written, 'hingga amat menakutkan,,menghadapi masa depan...'


Just want to say i am too tired pressing the culculater everyday, watching the computer screen for hours, and doing the same task all the time..gosh..now i know it is not that easy..huhu..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Another memories..

when i look at this picture again, how i miss those 3 years memories..
So sad, but life must goes on..

Friday, February 6, 2009

TIME (Where all the times gone?)

Time is a created thing. To say "I don't have time" is to say "I don't want to."
LAO TZU, O Magazine, Jan. 2007

“~sigh~.. I don’t have enough time to do it..” .

I just heard this phrase (betul ka ni? Hehe..) from my boss this evening. And I decide to write in my blog. Do you have the same feeling or situations as my boss facing? As for me, I do ever face the same problem. One of it is when I was a student- where there are too many assignments, events such tests, quizzes or universities program that needs the student participation, etc..

Do you feel that you are using your time completely? For me, I will say NO. Why? Because I realize that I have wasting too much time doing nothing.. And, the two things that I most regret are when I’ve wait this guy for a long time and suddenly I just get his message – he don’t want me.. And I fail to say I LOVE YOU to my dad before he left us..


What is perfectionist? Is it wrong to be perfectionist? Why perfectionist? Who is perfectionist? How to avoid from becoming perfectionist? What is the benefit and disadvantage for being perfectionist? What are the symptoms of being a perfectionist? All these questions suddenly appear when I thought about it. Do you a perfectionist person?

A friend of mine ever told me that I am a perfectionist person. And he/she sounds like being a perfectionist is not good for me. To me, there is no wrong or right answer for a person’s opinion. It actually all depends on the perceptions of the person itself. Some may agree, and some may disagree.

So, how about you? Are you a perfectionist person??


Last few days I had watch this movie (sorry I forget the title.. but it doesn’t matter after all). These women had made her opinion about what is the meaning of depression. She says, “Depression comes from the stress feeling” or it also comes from “losing they loved one”..

So then, I realized something about myself. Deep down inside my heart says that..”Gee…I have faced this situation before..”. On that time I feel like there is no life for me and I feel everyone hates me. So as the circumstances, I decide to dislike myself (as the effect, I always get mood swings) and I start to punished myself. How? I’ve hurt myself-by injuring my both hand. I don’t feel that it is wrong after all because I thought that I am not hurting anybody. I never felt that it was hurt after all. Thus, it makes feel a little relief…I don’t know why.. I do ever thinking of killing suicide too. But, thank God for His love, I’ve been saved. I don’t know how to explain the feeling I’ve felt on that time and why but I just feel that He near to me and care for me..

Well, that’s my past stories and I realize that all the things I do on that time is not a good thing for me. I’ve change (I think so) but I know I’m not completely change.

How about you? Have you ever been in this situation before? or maybe..your friends? How do you facing it or helping your friend ?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

i'm Tired..

I am tired...really-really tired..to think all of this..I wonder why people seems so hard to accept me? Am i too ugly? am I too shy? am I too hard to understand? I feel lost. And I really don't know what to do..

Am i sick??

this few days i feel so confuse...
there are times i feel like i want to scold someone
like i want to hit someone
and trying to find someones mistakes so that i can scold them
so many things i had imagined in my head
until i think i might be crazy
am i sick??

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Give Up..

i don't know what to do
i feel so empty
so lonely..hurt..
it seems like i want to give up..
and i'm too tired...
with all the drama..
i am nothing
just please go..go far from me..
just forget me...

Saturday, January 24, 2009


The award's prerequisite

1.Copy badge 'Cute's 3blogger AWARD' di atas dan letakkan di blog anda. ( already...)
2.Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yg memberikan award nih. ( okeh! )
3.Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih peserta award seterusnye...
( 5 only can ka?!... )
4.Anda harus memilih 10 blogger penerima award ini ( hmm.. )

5.Jgn lupa melawat blog 10 blogger penerima award ini bg memberitahu 'anda di tag'. ( ok boss )

ok..so...i have to cerita again lah kan..this award was been given to me by Ninie Jane..(thanks buddy)
and..below is 10 facts about me..


1. I AM super sensetive person..my heart can break easily and takes some time to recover..
2. I am a simple person, can be so quite and hard to smile(sometimes..)
3. I like to make collections(novels)
4. I hate people who is pretending and dishonest...
5. I believe in God..
6. I am a slow learner but i try my best to learn..
7. I like words of inspirations and motivations
8. I can walk so fast...(especially when i'm in a hurry)
9. I'm hard to express my feelings(esp love) and easily to express my anger(hate,dislike,sad,unconfortable,lonely,and when i fail doing something)
10. I love my family so much...

Next, i will give this award to this people>>
Sis Dawn, Bonny, PhyBie

Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Day vs. Bad Day

Today...i feel so happy...because my boss decided to increase my salary..(sikit jak...tapi sy bersyukur). And..some of my new friends in my office are now starts to shows their positive faces to me already.. Then, i meet my friend Siah, and we went to lunch together. (I really appreciate that moment you knw..) But suddenly...

I got this news and i feel so ashamed, down, unmotivated...

Huhhhh...what a day...but, apapun...Praise Lord..

Friday, January 16, 2009

Beauty Tips

For attractive lips,
Speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes,
Seek out the good in people.

For a slim figure,
Share the food with the hungry.

For beautiful hair,
Let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.

For poise,
Walk with the knowledge that you will never walk alone.

People, even more than things, have to be restored,
Renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed.

Never throw anybody out.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,
The figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides..

-Sam Levenson

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

He knows..

He knows everything..and you cannot hide it from Him. and, He's watching us, in what we do,what we see,what we feel. Maybe some of us didn't really believe even really care whether God is really exist in this world. MAY you are not one of them. Appreciate what we have and don't forget to give our thanks and praise for all the gifts that He have gave us...

May God Bless all of you..

Helo 2009...Bye 2008

Hello my dear readers! it is the 6th day of the year 2009! i think i'm not too late to wish all of you, have a blessed New Year..Happy New Year everyone!!Hehe...

well, let's see my flash back for the whole year(2008)okay...

it's the month of my 22nd Birthday...I've got a surprise party(planned by Andius, niniut, gleat,siah, beat, rosse..thanks guys!)

For the 1st time i've went to Retret Penyembuhan Batin at Tambunan...it heals me.. really..

I'm busy with my assignment, presentations, quiz(s), test(s), and EXZAM..

I went through an operation to remove my Dermoid Cyst..
and, 2 weeks after that, i went to class for my holiday class called intersesi and again, sit for the exzam.

cuti-cuti kumpul lemak...hehe


it's kuliah time...for my 6th semester..niny,siah, and gleat punya birthday...

start to blogging...

we went to Borneo Paradise for 2 days and one night
and we celebrate my brother Andy punya birthday and exchange our gifts..

hmm...our busy month...kelangkabut to finished our D.I.A. Bulletine, having our big event-Family Day Sports Fiesta(i learn on how to make the askar camp), and preparing ourselves for the coming exzam..

went to Kuala Lumpur for Lawatan Sambil Belajar trip for 9 days and 8 nights..(if i'm not mistaken)

family gathering...

yup...thats all...
Now, i'm closing my year 2008 life and i keep it as my precious memory..(p/s: thanks for reading)