Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I like today’s Sermon(17.05.09)

Today’s sermon is about love and forgiveness and also about the Holy Spirit. I like the way he (FR.Jalius) present his sermon today because he give me the big and clear picture about the matter that he is talking about. He also had shared his own experience about the Holy Spirit. He said that everything that had happen to him is not happen because of coincidence.. Hmm…it’s quite difficult to explain and sometimes to believe about this until you’ve experience and discover the Holy Spirit by yourself. I do believe for I had experience it before.. “it was not you but the holy spirit had work inside you..” he says. And “each one of us have our own holy spirit.” Then, I suddenly remember this word-THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS INSIDE YOU..

O ya..about love and forgiveness..(p/s: I’ll comment about it later…k..)

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