Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reading Time!!

Yeppey..i just love books..Actually I’ve just finished reading these books: The 6 Important Decisions the Teen Make by Sean Covey. I think it is useful for us especially for the teen and the parents. The content is simple to be read and understand and what I like the most is that the way the author presents the book to the readers. Where he had included some cartoons, words of encouragement, true story from teenagers, etc.. for every one chapter. I suggest you to find and take a look for yourself ..

And now I am searching for this book- Eat, Pray and Love. Anyone who have read it, let me know how was it about okay..

Is beautiful = to slim??

I suddenly thought about this matter when I met this one girl-my clique. Just when noon time where all the people are taking their lunch, this girl only eating some biscuit and a cup of hot drink. (and surprisingly, she ate like that everyday!)When I ask her why, she said that she still feel full. (oh, okay..) But I think she is lying. She seems like she is on her diet..strict diet..(gosh..) ß mcm sy ja nie…haha..but my reason not because of dieting ..it is because of I want to save some money…hehe

Some of us will have this mind-set where beautiful is equal to slim or in the other words, thin, or not over weighted. So as the circumstances, all the girls are trying to have a slim body because they believe that with having that, people will like at them (especially the guys..). Is that true??

I like today’s Sermon(17.05.09)

Today’s sermon is about love and forgiveness and also about the Holy Spirit. I like the way he (FR.Jalius) present his sermon today because he give me the big and clear picture about the matter that he is talking about. He also had shared his own experience about the Holy Spirit. He said that everything that had happen to him is not happen because of coincidence.. Hmm…it’s quite difficult to explain and sometimes to believe about this until you’ve experience and discover the Holy Spirit by yourself. I do believe for I had experience it before.. “it was not you but the holy spirit had work inside you..” he says. And “each one of us have our own holy spirit.” Then, I suddenly remember this word-THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS INSIDE YOU..

O ya..about love and forgiveness..(p/s: I’ll comment about it later…k..)

Kanadaru Harvest Festival

The Kanadaru (our village name) harvest festival has been conducted on the 10th of May 2009. Overall, the event was enjoyable. Almost my entire family member was involving with this festival. My responsibility is as a food ajk’s and my brother became the driver for my lil’ sis( bring her to saloon kan..but he sempat escape to dating lagitu..hehe).My mum and my lil’ sis are one of the most important person who had made the event became more meaningful..hehe Why I say so?.. This is because my mum had won for the cooking- the traditional food of KadazanDusun whilst my sis have been awarded as the 2nd Unduk Ngadau for year 2009. Cool kan?.. Below are some of the pictures have been token on that day…We all ended our day with full of tiredness…:)

It was your 9th anniversary dad..

11th May 2000 will be always on our heart dad..That is the day when you left us forever.. May you rest in peace and please remember that you will always be my best father that I never had. Love and Miss you so much dad..

Teacher’s Day

I think, it is not too late for me to wish to all the teacher's, HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY! Especially dedicated to all my teachers from I was first learn and know what is school all about until now..

My Kindergarten teacher..
Cikgu Monica
My Primary teacher..
Cikgu Doreen, Cikgu Hussein, Cikgu Sulaiman, Cikgu Suria, Cikgu Irwan, arwah Cikgu Fauziah, Cikgu Syarifah..

My Secondary teacher..
Cikgu Cyril, Cikgu Norsaliza, Cikgu 'S',Cikgu Hasalinda

My Matriculation teacher..
Miss Anita

My University teacher..
Mdm Adelina, Mdm Betcy, Mdm Roslida, Prof Wan Nasrudin, Mdm Norizan, Miss Del..

THANK YOU SO MUCH my dear teacher..!

Outside my Comfort Zone

Prior the day(15.05.09)

Hello again my dear readers… :) At last I’ve decided to take another step ahead to sing (the Alleluia song) for my church on this coming Sunday mass. Before this I’ve rejected the call with so many reasons because I feel that I am not competent and not ready yet. Last night was my first time practice and sing in front of the crowd. And I felt so ‘nice’, ‘welcomed’, ‘enjoy’ and ‘motivated’. Even though it is just a short song, but it is not that easy you know.. ‘Sing from your heart and surely it (the voice) will flow naturally” –thank you to aunty Sula for the fantastic advice…

Well, pray for me so that I can sing naturally from my heart that day okay…hehe..

After the Mass(17.05.09)
Huhh! At last the nervous is over! I’ve made it..i mean for the 1st time of my life I sing the Alleluia song for the mass..another history of my life written today.. :)