Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Like a "Bangkai Hidup"..

I can't sleep..so i decided to write something in my post..Now i feel like a "bangkai hidup".. no GOAL, no DREAMS, no....nothing! It is like>> i'm following the flow..Going somewhere..that i didn't really know and let others decide it for me..i feel so blur( in the other words, blank! empty! and zero!)..kenapa tu aaa??

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Wish List..

~Christmas is coming...and i believe most of us are busy with the preparation of the coming christmas..~

What is your wish list on this coming christmas?? i've been thought about these and took for a certain time what i wanted and wishes to have for this coming christmas. so...so many things in mind..new looks, new cloth, shoe,books..etc..

The youth community from our church was organizing an ex-changing gift on this 25th Dec..so each of us was given a piece of paper and was asked to write 3 wish list that we wanted as a gift.. And i've wish these gifts :

1. A motivation or christianity book
At first,I feel so excited for my wish list but then suddenly a friend of mine told me something..she say..
"Sharon, ko tau..si ^^^^ punya wish list..dia bilang dia mau..
3.Buku-buku Doa
sebagai wish list dia..Saya ada juga suru dia wish lain, like seluar ka..baju ka..tapi dia tidak mau..."
I'm touched with it...It was a simple wishes but it make me realize something..i forget that there are something that is much and more valuable compare than what i had wishes.. May God bless him that had open my eyes again...