Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some lesson for us

Last sunday, i decided to go out - trying to do something..di luar dari kebiasaan... i've went to church but this time, i went to the different places >> secred heart church.. and i found out that tidak banyak umat yang datang...Maybe, semua busy with Chinese New Year and Valentine Day kan?..

Actually,i want to share the sermon that i've heard that day.. so many good things, and nasihat the Fr. gave... i couldn't remember all what he had said except this..
He intro his sermon with this.."If we want to open a new enterprise,or if we are sick, or maybe if we want to begin a new life-married, we seek someone who can advise us about that particular matter, right?? Di pendekkan cerita, he means like this:


He maksudkan macam ni.. If kita sakit, kita mestilah jumpa doktor kan..supaya kita sembuh..If kita mau kahwin, pastinya we seek someone who can kasi sah perkahwinan kita kan?? and if we are a student, if we have problems regarding our assignments, of course la we seek our teacher/lecturer kan?? hehe

So..sama jugalah macam diri kita ni..sometimes, we need people to help us to go through this life together...we cannot always stand on our own feet maybe with reason we want to be independent ka or apa-apa sajalah reason kita. We have to search...seek...for help from somebody who is responsible or wise so that, kita tidak rasa terlalu terbeban, and we tidak terasa terlalu keseorangan..

Semua kita pastinya mempunyai banyak masalah...persoalan dalam hidup..dan kadang-kadang, we blame God because He give us pain, and sadness in our life.. But let us try to think this, if we don't have trouble, pain and sadness in life, do you think we will seek God??? Mungkin ada, tapi tidak semua...

Ada juga yang mungkin tidak percaya bahawa Tuhan sentiasa ada di sisi kita, ataupun yang lebih teruk lagi, tidak percaya bahawa Tuhan wujud atau tidak.. tapi apa yang saya percaya, Tuhan wujud, dan sentiasa ada di sisi kita semua..it's just...we can't really see it with our eyes..i mean..dari pandangan mata kasar kita.. "God uses his people to help his people.."

Maybe...He mengunakan orang-orang di sekeliling kita, maybe kawan rapat, untuk membantu kita...we never know..

My heart singing

Hai, lately this song...this lyric always singing on my heart especially when i'm just wake up in the morning...so i decided to post it here, today.

Banyak perkara...
yang tak dapatku mengerti...
Mengapakah harus terjadi?....
didalam kehidupan ini..

Satu perkara
yangku simpan dalam hati..
Mengapakah harus terjadi?....
Tanpa Tuhan perduli...

Tuhan mengerti..
Tuhan perduli..
segala persoalan yang kita hadapi
tak akan pernah
di biarkanNYa
aku bergumul sendiri
sbab Tuhan mengerti...

p/s:i would like to dedicate this song to those who is now confused, and don't know what to do, which path they want to go, and have trouble/problems in life...

Monday, February 15, 2010

My...oh my..

Hai readers..

I decided to post something on my blog today though i don't have any topic to write.. At first i want to change my blog layout but kesian betul nie i don't know how..ada sesiapa ka yg bole tulung sy nie???adui...hehe

hmmm...well..i'm just taking my breakfast tadi..sy bancuh teh tarik 3 in 1 Lipton( wangi and sedap ni..try la kalau nda percaya) makan 2 biji coklat Cadbury dari si Bet and mkn maruku ikan(beli dari Chin Chang S/B-my employer punya supplier..nyum2...kenyang jg la..

today, i have some plan in mind (yang mana suda balik-balik kena brought fwd ni...gara-gara tangguh-tangguh lor.haha).. hopefully hari ni i manage to complete it lah..hehe

my 1st task: wash my cloth..(huhu...T_T)
2nd: lipat my kain(matai...)
3rd: kemas my bilik(uuuwwwaaaaa....)
4th: masak for lunch
5th: print my mum's document
6th: plan scedule for my Sunday School(PMG) thing..
7th: sapu ruma...
8th: i want kasi mandi si skang(my cat) tp adui takut sy dia garu sy..hehe

>errmmm..cukup la tu kan utk hari ini...besok lg plan lain lah...hehe...bagus kalau dpt complete ni..dui~
bah, till then..nanti sy post lagi..sy buat housework sy dulu...wokey?..
Have a nice day everyone...
Chayo-Chayo bbey!!