Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Prayer

Lord Jesus..

Thank you for all your gifts and blessings today...
Thank You for protecting me today..
Thank You for the wisdom for me to understand..
Thank You for the eyes for me to see the beauty of the world..
Thank You for the joy and happiness..
Thank You for the foods and drinks..
Thank You for my family..
Thank You for my friends..
Thank You for my teachers..
Thank You for my relatives..
Thank You for creating me as i am...

I ask this in Jesus name, Amen..

I Love being Single!

Since friday last week, i have a mid-term break for 10 days..yay! so, i went back to my 'home sweet home' because i really miss my room..and of course my family..:) i've bring my notes and my text book but hehe guess what..? the books and notes still inside my bag! huhu... lately, i'm so damn lazy and a little bit messy..

oh yes...almost forgot with my story!

I love being single! hehe...

i've found this sentence from my old Cleo magazine..and..i loved to share it to you all.. Actually being single is not that bad.. it is not because of nobody is not interested in you. It 's maybe just because of the time is not yet come to us. Being single helps alot to me.. yes...Why i'm saying helps me to get to know more about myself. What i really like and dislike..

It developed and teach me to be an independent girl.. yeah..

I'm not saying that i am anti-dating but then im just glad for what i had now.. i've learn to love myself even now i've slowly learn how to use the make-up stuff.. and the way i'm gromming (i've improved!)..I know..there are many things that i need to learn and get-to-know but slowly lah..hehe...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just an ordinary day..

"Time passed by...days to weeks.. weeks to months.. months to years.."

hi, i'm just finished my class today. Not really tiring day for this tuesday morning i think..hehe.. because i only have one class for today.. :)