Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Outside my Comfort Zone

Prior the day(15.05.09)

Hello again my dear readers… :) At last I’ve decided to take another step ahead to sing (the Alleluia song) for my church on this coming Sunday mass. Before this I’ve rejected the call with so many reasons because I feel that I am not competent and not ready yet. Last night was my first time practice and sing in front of the crowd. And I felt so ‘nice’, ‘welcomed’, ‘enjoy’ and ‘motivated’. Even though it is just a short song, but it is not that easy you know.. ‘Sing from your heart and surely it (the voice) will flow naturally” –thank you to aunty Sula for the fantastic advice…

Well, pray for me so that I can sing naturally from my heart that day okay…hehe..

After the Mass(17.05.09)
Huhh! At last the nervous is over! I’ve made it..i mean for the 1st time of my life I sing the Alleluia song for the mass..another history of my life written today.. :)

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