Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kanadaru Harvest Festival

The Kanadaru (our village name) harvest festival has been conducted on the 10th of May 2009. Overall, the event was enjoyable. Almost my entire family member was involving with this festival. My responsibility is as a food ajk’s and my brother became the driver for my lil’ sis( bring her to saloon kan..but he sempat escape to dating lagitu..hehe).My mum and my lil’ sis are one of the most important person who had made the event became more meaningful..hehe Why I say so?.. This is because my mum had won for the cooking- the traditional food of KadazanDusun whilst my sis have been awarded as the 2nd Unduk Ngadau for year 2009. Cool kan?.. Below are some of the pictures have been token on that day…We all ended our day with full of tiredness…:)

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Rhythm of My Soul said...

alah...lupa letak gmbr...later saya kasi masuk...sorry guys!