Monday, March 2, 2009

Lent Talk

Hi dear readers..

I want to share something about the talk(Lent Talk) which has been presented by Rev. Fr. Peter Abas justnow..There are many things that he have shared but these are some of it which i think is merely important..

As we all know(hmm..maybe not all of us know..maybe know but don't understand) Lent means it is time for us to start fasting. Fasting here is not only mean fasting on what we eat but it is also on what we behave, what we do, how we speak, how we live, what we think, etc.. in short, it is like we control our body and mind to do the good things not only for the good of ourself but also to the other people and especially to God..(p/s: this is only my opinion, there is no wrong or right okay..)

From the talk,

Fasting means we control what we eat, ( mean: stop eating before you feel full, fasting not to eat meat every Friday, etc..) , control the bad behaviour or our kebiasaan~the negative thing(Fr. said, kasi kurang...not totally stop..because not all people can stop immiedietly from doing that mah..kan..)

Fasting also means we beramal..Beramal here is not simply means we make donations in terms of monetary thing but it is actually more than for example, we helps the needy, we spend some time to clean the church, we spend some time to the needy

There's an interesting story that Fr. Peter have shared tonight.. it is about an old lady who give him (Fr.Peter) an orange. And she(the old lady) ask him to sit and eat the orange together with her. And..suddenly that old lady say this to him.. "Fr., thank you because taking some of your time to eat together with me".. ~from here, moral of the story that we should learn is, to give some of our time to the people around us..

Another example is like this: let say, one of your family member is sick and she/he is in the hospital..kebiasaan yang kita buat, we'll bring fruits, flowers to give the sick person when we come to visit. But, actually all of that stuff is not really important..(because if ikut logik pun, bukan the sick person dapat makan smua pun..) what is more important is we come there and we spend some of our time with the sick person.. it is much more appreciated compare to all the other thing..(as from my experience, i'm really touched and like i want to cry when my friends took some of their time to come to visit me eventhough on that time they are really busy in preparing themselves for the final examination..)

Fasting also means~not to misuse the technology that we have(for example, use the handphone to spread the negative thing-picture yg tidak senonoh, etc...)

Finally, as for me, fasting is actually a good time for me to learn the meaning of being passion in everything i do, to become more closer to God, bersifat sederhana , and learn to love others unconditionally, to forgive people purely and also to ease the luka-luka batin yang kita alami..

God Bless all of you..Thanks for reading..


C.Alv.B said...

I agree with you..This is the time we have to reflect ourself..what a good things we've done..what not to improve it, how to change...

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