Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Helo 2009...Bye 2008

Hello my dear readers! it is the 6th day of the year 2009! i think i'm not too late to wish all of you, have a blessed New Year..Happy New Year everyone!!Hehe...

well, let's see my flash back for the whole year(2008)okay...

it's the month of my 22nd Birthday...I've got a surprise party(planned by Andius, niniut, gleat,siah, beat, rosse..thanks guys!)

For the 1st time i've went to Retret Penyembuhan Batin at Tambunan...it heals me.. really..

I'm busy with my assignment, presentations, quiz(s), test(s), and EXZAM..

I went through an operation to remove my Dermoid Cyst..
and, 2 weeks after that, i went to class for my holiday class called intersesi and again, sit for the exzam.

cuti-cuti kumpul lemak...hehe


it's kuliah time...for my 6th semester..niny,siah, and gleat punya birthday...

start to blogging...

we went to Borneo Paradise for 2 days and one night
and we celebrate my brother Andy punya birthday and exchange our gifts..

hmm...our busy month...kelangkabut to finished our D.I.A. Bulletine, having our big event-Family Day Sports Fiesta(i learn on how to make the askar camp), and preparing ourselves for the coming exzam..

went to Kuala Lumpur for Lawatan Sambil Belajar trip for 9 days and 8 nights..(if i'm not mistaken)

family gathering...

yup...thats all...
Now, i'm closing my year 2008 life and i keep it as my precious memory..(p/s: thanks for reading)

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