Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Gathering

Helo readers...

Yups..on the 25th December we(the family of Monsibol's and Ligayus's) have invited all our relatives and friends to our Family Gathering at my uncle Victor house. On th same time we were actually planned a surprise party for my akung(grandpa) and ina(grandma) as for our appreciation for them..or in other words, to show some love..hehe
Below are some of the pictures on the party..

my akung and ina...

my mom with her brothers and sister

my aunties (ina's daughters)
from left, mummy obin, aunty luza, mummy Sarah and aunty Connie

bro mimik, me, mum, sis tetet and bro adie

at the back, aunty Doreen, cousin Valerie, Vanessa, uncle Victor
at the front little cousin Vivien

my most sporting aunty...Servie, uncle Charlie, Aaron
and between my akung and ina, Adele

from left(3rd row), uncle Johnny, aunty Rebecca, cousin Dido, kochit's bf(Alban) and kuyum
at the center of the row tetel, nani, kochit and pamela

my uncle Iluk(still single...)

from left, apui, obot, bibi, aunty Luza, uncle Kohing, elou..

from left, uncle Chandran, mama Sarah, bibil, sarah and kegan

cousins took picture together

We are the family of Monsibol and Ligayus

cousin and friends are having their moginum time

sister tetet with cousin nani
me with nenek Tamparuli and sis tetet
(love this picture very much!)

We were having so much fun that day...May God always bless our family...


★ Kobie Vanessa ★ said...

wah bestnya family gathering kamu Bbey, ada colour code lagi baju oo

Sharon said...! :)

FloDawn said...

Hi M'dear Sharon!

B'lated Christmas & NY 2009 to You & your lovely family ya :)

Great to see you guys had much fun!

But today I'd especially like to wish you a verrry HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

p/s: Tried to sms you but waiting seja the status hehe... else did u change ur fon no?

Sharon said...

Hi sis!! hehe...thank you... i'm not changing my number but i have two number now.. currently, i'm using my celcom u already got my celcom number??..