Saturday, January 24, 2009


The award's prerequisite

1.Copy badge 'Cute's 3blogger AWARD' di atas dan letakkan di blog anda. ( already...)
2.Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yg memberikan award nih. ( okeh! )
3.Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih peserta award seterusnye...
( 5 only can ka?!... )
4.Anda harus memilih 10 blogger penerima award ini ( hmm.. )

5.Jgn lupa melawat blog 10 blogger penerima award ini bg memberitahu 'anda di tag'. ( ok boss ) have to cerita again lah kan..this award was been given to me by Ninie Jane..(thanks buddy)
and..below is 10 facts about me..


1. I AM super sensetive heart can break easily and takes some time to recover..
2. I am a simple person, can be so quite and hard to smile(sometimes..)
3. I like to make collections(novels)
4. I hate people who is pretending and dishonest...
5. I believe in God..
6. I am a slow learner but i try my best to learn..
7. I like words of inspirations and motivations
8. I can walk so fast...(especially when i'm in a hurry)
9. I'm hard to express my feelings(esp love) and easily to express my anger(hate,dislike,sad,unconfortable,lonely,and when i fail doing something)
10. I love my family so much...

Next, i will give this award to this people>>
Sis Dawn, Bonny, PhyBie

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