Saturday, October 23, 2010


Some of my friends said i am 'blur' or 'slow'..bukan jalan lambat ahh..and i'm wondered.. is it true?? maybe because i asked them questions yang teda-teda kali..adui..sometimes i feel hurt when they laugh at me after i said or asked something weired to them..but then i try not to think it too much....because later on, i am the one who makan hati sendiri-sendiri..bah, below are some of my 'bonus' question where make them laugh..(duui gia..kesian juga saya ni kan...haha...)

This morning during breakfast:
Me: Dwayne..pernahkah orang order nescafe tidak campur susu??

Dwayne : Huhh?! (he showed me his blur face) Nescafe O ka maksud kau? then he start to smile..

Me: **Blur** Kenapa?? (i mean why he's smiling)

Colette+Dwayne+Val : All of them ketawa at me...

Me: Odoi...baru tersedar yang saya sudah silap tanya..(hahahhah...malu oh....)

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