Thursday, October 21, 2010

Praise Lord!

Thanks God for you are recovering ninie..Please don''t stop praying and everything happen for a reason right?? Love you so much buddy! (T_T)


Franky Boy said...

thank god.. any updates??

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

Darling Bbey, so sorrrrrrry to burden you guys with my prob. huhu but i was at my worst point, and i really feel of giving up, and there you guys were, lifting me up!


i supposedly stay still in ward actually, but uuuhhhh... i think i get more sicker to stay longer there -_- GOOD NEWS is: im RECOVERING!! because if your prayer, i feel good now :) Thank you bbey :)

i'll come down to kk soonest, once i'm fully recovering. let's meet up ah. no need datang ranau, rumah sa sgt kotor hahaha mau recharge dlu baru dapat clean the whole house. haha

thanks for everything ya :)

love you, u know that?

Rhythm of My Soul said...

Ninie..bah okay..suppose we want to visit you tomorrow morning but byk halangan ni...cpt2 sembuh btl2 mau jumpa ko ni...slagi sa nda npk ko, sa masi susa hati ni.. ala... ni la sa nda suka ni ayat tergantung ni... apa tu yang sa nda tau tue... kasi tau sa kama!