Friday, October 8, 2010


Today is my tiring day..and a bit sleepy as well (yang petang suda). Amazingly i manage to woke up early this morning..Mmm it's around 4.30 am .. I'm going to UMS today because I am attending an interview there..[i plan to find another job bah..penat btl kerja saya sekarang ni..anyone yang tau ada vacancy, inform me aah.. :)] . Overall, okay juga.. but I don't really confident to get the post. It's ok then yang penting i already done my best kan??
Oh ya! one thing I want to share for what the interviewer had asked me during the interview..:

Interviewer : Ok, pilih salah satu - "Kerja untuk Hidup or Hidup untuk Kerja?"
Me : Mmmm... (lama sa jawab..binggung sekejap bah hehehe) Then i asked them this.."Bole ka if tidak jawab?"

Interviewer : "Mesti jawab juga.."
Me: ......(matai-i'm dead) "Mmmm..." (then ada la saya jawab juga but saya lupa suda apa sa jawab..doi...)

Interviewer : Ok, another one.. pilih salah satu - "Makan untuk Hidup or Hidup untuk Makan?"
Me : (Nasib ni sa nda blurr) Then I answer confidently.. "Makan untuk Hidup!"
Interviewer : Anguk-anguk then tulis something di kertas with their timun face..

Huhu...Harap-harap dapat good news la...
pssst... enjoy the cartoon ya ;) Have a nice day everyone! Cheers!

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