Friday, March 12, 2010

Confession part I

To make a confession is not that easy.. Apalagi if it is berkaitan with heart and feelings. A confession is an action where we become our own self, being honest and sincere when we express those feelings. Making a confession may result two possibilities-good or bad.
On the good side, maybe the results might make us feel happy, comfortable, save and peace..but, if the results is bad, we feel sad(unhappy), alone...etc..

It's doen't matter what decision you want to make actually..what i mean whether you want to keep those feelings by your own self atau sebaliknya-to express it. Maybe, we have our own reason why we want to keep those feelings isn't? Mungkin keputusan yang kita buat itu adalah keputusan yang terbaik untuk semua. But, sudah tentu we have to bring and feel the pain lah kan..

But i remmember someone told me this dulu..sometimes there are times we have to telan(swallow), or faced the kesengsaraan to reach the good at the end. Umpama kita telan ubat when we are sick, memang pahit untuk di telan pada mulanya tapi the result, ia menyembuhkan kita..Maybe, itulah di namakan kehidupan kan??

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