Monday, September 8, 2008

When your Best Friend become a stranger..

Have you ever experience this situation before?? I believe you have. Me too have the same experience.. hmm... I wonder why...and how it happen? Maybe, it's just a part of our life..But then, i was such a bad and sad feeling..isn't it?

Sharing secret, gossiping and laughing together, hang out in the middle of the night, studying the other words, all together (it seems like where she/he go, you also there)..and...the whole world knew that both of you were best friend.

But then, because of certain circumstances, suddenly she/he is not like before.. Why??

I felt so terrible when i first experience this. And i thought that, it probably happened because of me. Maybe it because of the ego..or maybe the jealousy..

Well..maybe it is just like that..kan?
People come..people go..following their own destiny..

1 comment:

Ninie Jane said...

*Sigh*.. so sad. Wish can do something to change thing n back to where it suppose to be...