Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm blur...HELP!..

hi there...

it's has been a month already for my 3rd year in my 'beloved' U (kunun la)... but gosh..i'm still LOST and like everything seems new for me.. haiye...really don't like this feeling. Thank God i'm still survive in managing and overcoming the pahit getir in this campus life..

Hmm.. there are many things that i want to do in my life but i'm BLUR... I really don't know what i like (that's why im labelling myself as a complicated person) and so hard to make my own decision. And I wonder why?? I have no direction to go to and what is the purpose of my life? i really don't know..

I love to share this quotation to you:

>> "if you want to love others, you must first love yourself"<<

To love myself?? How??

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