Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm Happy for them..

How wonderfull i felt when i know they are happy with their life now..even both of you are not telling me anything, but i believe they are trully happy because it shown from their smiles.. Congratulations my dear friend, and God bless both of you..

JOHN & JEZABEL on their wedding day..

nice shot isn't it?.. :)

nice.. :) sorry john & jez.. i took this pic from your fb album.. jan mare ye.. hehehe


MILFORD & MELISSA engagement day..

nice deco! i like!!

nie cake punya deco pun cantikk nie..

at last u engaged juga kan milford?? hehe


Alv0808 said...

Yup..I used to follow my friends story from their FB too. Have a great weekend. Advent is coming kan?. Join carolling??

Rhythm of My Soul said...

Hai Alv...thanks hehehe...yup advent is around the corner... yes, im joining carolling.. (n_n)