Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mahua Waterfall,Tambunan

so beautiful..

the view of the waterfall from far

the closer view..

Helo guys! Last week I went to camping with my mum, sister and my Kampung's(Village) Team..It was so awsome!

22th Nov
it took about 2 hours from home to reach Tambunan. I felt a little bit tired and dizzy maybe because i didn't get enough sleep the day before. But, it didn't stop me from having fun there..hehe. After we reach Mahua, we unpack our stuff. We took our lunch by sharing our foods to others. (we bring our food earlier from home)

around 2pm
actually it was rain just when we reach Mahua. A little bit sad because we think that we can't go to the waterfall..but thank God the rain was not heavy..we at last reach the waterfall after waiting at about an hour for the rain to stop..

the walk before reaching the Mahua Waterfall

cousins, friends..

the water was so cold and pure! i felt so calm..

my sister and me..

with my mum...hehe

we all are enjoying ourselves in this trip..glad to reach here..

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