Monday, September 1, 2008

Merdeka Day

Happy Merdeka to all..
I know today is the 1st day of September. But then i think it's not too late for me to say it isn't it? This year i'm celebrating my Merdeka Day with Nursiah and my brother, Andy. Actually, last few days i'm so busy with my 1st business. I've opened my business with my partner, Nursiah and the business that we've opened that night (30th August) is just a simple one.. We were having our stall at Uitm gymnassium and the things that we've sold are:

'Merdeka Egg'

+'Jeruk Mangga'





' Some Games'

it's a tiring day for me becuse i have two big event happened that day.. On the afternoon i have my AIS Common Test and u know what?.. i couldn't do it my best...huhu... Actually, it is only a simple questions but still i cannot do it..maybe, because of my last minute study( a lesson for my mistake!) and of course, the second one is about my business.. Thank God my brother Andy willing to help us.. If not, i couldn't imagine how would it be!

We've closed our stall at about 12.35am..And that night, after we've reach hostel, both of us fall asleep until morning...

Now i know...having a business is not that much to much to think of..but then, this is my best experience that i will never forget..

(' ,')hehe..

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